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Dermatologist Driven.

"More than ever before,
adults are suffering from skin problems..."

The Skin Specialist Skin Problem

Eczema. Rosacea. Skin rash.
Pigmentation. Flushing and redness.
Dry flakes. Skin allergy.
Skin infection. Skin growth.
Sweaty palms & underarms.

"Is acne taking a toll on your self-esteem?"

The Skin Specialist Acne

Adult acne. Stress related acne.
Oily face acne. Painful cystic acne.
Sudden breakout acne.
Hormonal acne. Acne scars.
Teenage acne. pimples.

Dermatologist Driven

Dermatologist Driven

A dermatologist is a skin specialist who has had additional training and experience in evaluating and managing adults and children with mild to severe disorder of the skin, hair and nails.

From mild remedies to intensive treatments, we always ensure that you are comfortable with the solutions offered. We believe that effective and affordable dermatology treatment should be accessible to everyone.

Don’t go untreated, find a cure.

Email us a picture of your skin concern before you visit our clinic.

By assessing your condition through the picture sent, you acknowledge and agree that: – The advisory opinion and/or recommendation is limited and provisional and does not have the benefit provided by a direct physical examination; – The consultation is not intended to replace a full medical evaluation with a physician. By engaging our services, you acknowledge and agree to solely assume the risk of these limitations, you further understand that no guarantee has been made concerning any particular advisory opinion, result or cure of the patient’s condition.

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